Putting Plastic Waste to Good Use
The World's First Recycled Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag made of 80% Recycled Plastic Bottles that Rolls Up and Seals with Velcro!
Meet The One & Only EZ Grocery Bag Reusable Bag
It's true! Back in 2006, there were no US company made recycled reusable grocery shopping bags made out of PET.  With all but a few manufacturing companies left in the U.S. all of the bags were shipped over seas (which uses tons of oil in transportation and in making polypropylene bags from China.) We were one of the first, and although we are a small company, we promise you QUALITY and TRUTH. These bags were made by a U.S. Company with fair labor, and made from 80% recycled plastic bottles. This website, made by a housewife. For many, my efforts mean a great deal to people.  And for many more, they don't care at all. But today, YOU can make a difference and reduce plastic waste and buy a recycled reusable bag at OUR COST.  That's right, not $25, not $10.00, but at the price we paid to get them made. For the cost of a single lunch, you will have a bag that lasts a lifetime and you will fee good that you are doing something GOOD for the planet too. This fabric is very expensive. If you know about PET, you know about the process. This is no cheap bag from china. This is an exclusive one of a kind design. Get yours today! ORDER NOW.

These bags were designed to be better than any other grocery shopping bag on the market by a housewife who improved it in 7 ways.

The EZ Grocery Bag is a Reusable, Compact & Recycled shopping bag - Made from 80% Recycled Plastic Bottles (PET). This is a specially designed reusable grocery shopping bag, made to help solve both pollution problems, as well as improving the shopping experience.
  • The EZ Grocery Bag is LARGE, making it perfect for grocery shopping and it's EASY because it rolls up and seals conveniently with Velcro- unlike any bag on the market today. Two bags in one!
  • The EZ Grocery Bag is unique because it is U.S. company made and NOT imported from China.
  •   The EZ Grocery Bag is made from melted plastic bottle pellets that are made into a strong elegant thread fiber strong enough to hold 40 lbs.
  • It helps keep some of the billions of plastic bottles and bags from ending up in landfills and oceans.
  •   It is reusable and washable.
  •   Most other reusable bags have short handles so you can only carry them like plastic bags in your hand. The EZ Grocery Bag is different. It is made with longer stronger handles so you can carry over your shoulder and have your hand's free (which comes in handy when opening your doors or trying to find keys.)

It's simply the smarter, better bag. Our company is different. Read About Us below.



Here is the Nat Geo video from which this bag was inspired. Watch:


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