Why Should I Buy USA Made?

When you buy a reusable bag made in China, think about how many barrels of oil it takes to create non-woven polypropylene bags. Then think about how many barrels of oil it takes to ship the bags to the USA. The point of using reusable bags is to reduce the use of plastic bags and reduce pollution, right? But by simply buying an imported bag, you are already supporting pollution. How do you know if it's imported? If it does not say Made In The USA- it is most likely imported. There are very few bag manufacturers left in the US. But we found a US Company, and we're ready to produce millions of bags and support US jobs. So remember, when you buy a cheap reusable bag, ask where it's made. Chances are, it is imported.

 At EZ Grocery Bag Co., our house of thought is "By re-using this plastic, we can save the lives of thousands of sea mammals every year; save oil (because plastic bags are made with petroleum); and re-use the billions of plastic bottles that end up in America's land fills every year." And... "While we're at it, we can make them better than the petroleum based bags from China by making them stronger, larger, stronger longer handles, and compact for convenience." This bag is imply smarter in 7 ways than the bag you are using today!
Together, we CAN help recycle more plastic bottles, reduce more plastic bag usage and employ more people right here in the USA.
The EZ Grocery Bag has already made a HUGE impact.  Since 2008 we've made an impact in reducing pollution- and we have won the Senatorial Letter of Achievement from our US Senator for our efforts to reduce pollution. 2008's NCET Green Company of the Year Award.



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The EZ Grocery Bag is a Reusable, Compact & Recycled shopping bag - Made from 80% Recycled Plastic Bottles (PET)

The Recycled, Reusable EZ Grocery Shopping Bag is made of a strong, elegant yet organic fabric that is tested to hold up to 40 lbs.  Its design was inspired by a National Geographic Special in 2008. The series entitled, "Strange Days on Planet Earth" described the detrimental affects that plastic waste has on our environment and the hundreds of thousands of marine mammals and birds that die when they mistake plastics for food.  So, in an effort to reduce plastic pollution (the billions of plastic bottles AND plastic bags that end up in land-fills, rivers and oceans), the EZ Grocery Bag was created to re-use the plastic bottles by turning them, into pellets, then into thread which is weaved into a strong organic fabric. But the process is expensive, so many companies buy their reusable bags from China. What most people don't know, is the additional environmental effects this causes. The EZ Grocery Bag was made by a US Company, and seeks to bring manufacturing back to the US to build new jobs, recycle American's plastic into products of good use while reducing pollution. Changing what we do and how we do it is what is going to make a difference for the world, the environment and our children. But we need your help. Take action today and buy an EZ Grocery Bag. The birds, turtles, fish and dolphins thank you.


The EZ Grocery Bag is specially designed to roll up and seal with Velcro for neat and convenient storage. No other bag in the world of this size can do this! Click here for benefits.


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